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Bobbleheads are what we love, and we love even more to provide a place for others' to obtain their own bobbleheads!. From same-day shipping, to no hassle returns/exchange, Everybobble has always focused on Customer Satisfaction and FAST fulfillment times.

ALL of our bobbleheads, plushies, toys, and other gifts/collectables ship the same-day, Monday - Friday, as we believe shipping times are very important in the world of eCommerce today.

The staff here at Everybobble care about each and every order that comes through this website, so if you ever have any issues with damaged bobbleheads or other items, delayed shipping times, etc., you are more than happy to contact us here at Everybobble directly; we will be more than happy to help! Everybobble customers will NEVER be left in the dark for days/week at a time, as we respect the money you spend with us, as well as your time.

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